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Situated Media Effects

How do people's everyday digital media use in different environments activate different psychological processes and outcomes? 

Digital Wellbeing

What does it mean to be happy, satisfied and socially connected in a world saturated with portable digital media devices? How can we use digital media devices to capture people's wellbeing in underserved regions around the world (e.g., in the Global South)? 

Persuasion in Context

Statistics for Personalization

How do physical and social environments enhance or interfere with the persuasive effect of digital-media based advertisements? 

What statistical tools are most adept at capturing person-specific media effects? How can we conceptualize, measure and visualize the inherent heterogeneity associated with media effects?

 Mind-Media Interactions

How can we integrate philosophical conceptions of the mind, the brain and consciousness into a coherent phenomenological, metaphysical and epistemological account of digital media devices?

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