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Big Science

I am currently working on a philosophy project that investigates how epistemic "holes" in science can be "filled" with collaboration across the traditional "sciences" and the "non-sciences". For instance, how do we justify the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars on detecting dark matter - an entity that lies far beyond the human sensory channel? We think one potential solution is to bring the abstract of science into the human sensory channel through various forms of art and mediated communication. 

Space Blindness

Modern science is very reliant on the robustness of statistics to advance its agenda of developing an accurate world-view. In an experiment of fiction, literature, and poetry, I ask the question: what if a crucial statistical axiom is challenged against the background of analytical philosophy? In my novel, our protagonists journey across the vast universe to witness a cosmic event that will confirm or deny the most foundational alternate hypothesis: is the human sensory channel truly representative of the real world? This is a work of fiction. I hope to complete this project during the summer before graduate school.

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